Coloring my own coloring book art.

Just Meowin' Cat Coloring Book for Adults
From “Just Meowin’ with Brewskie Butt” Coloring Book by BZTAT

I am often asked for materials recommendations for coloring the pages in my coloring books. I am not sure that I am the best one for making recommendations, as I color my drawings in a manner different than most people would choose to color. Even so, I thought I would share my process of “coloring” my drawings in case you’d like to try some of my techniques.

I begin my drawings by filling in shapes and areas with permanent markers. This step is my first layer of color.

Markers only
Markers only

As I do with my paintings, I begin with a layer of color that will change when I add subsequent layers that either contrast or visually mix with the underlying color. My choice of marker colors is determined by years of experience experimenting with different color combinations.

I use permanent markers that are less likely to fade over time, such as Prismacolor Art Markers and Sharpies. Crayola and other less permanent markers can be used as well, however, they do tend to fade.

After bBrewskie-Butt-okey-coloring-book-page-colored-prismacolor-pencil-BZTAT-croppedlocking in colors with marker, I go over the different areas with Prismacolor Pencils. Prismacolor pencils are very soft and waxy. Unlike other colored pencils, they “sit” on top of the underlying color in the way that a crayon or oil pastel “sits” on the surface of a colored paper. A light color on top of a darker color stands out, giving a very soft but rich texture as well as a unique color effect. Also, some colors visually “mix” in the way that paint on a palette does, again, giving interesting color and textural effects.

As you can see in the inset, I colored over a darker orange with a yellow, leading to the two colors visually “mixing” and creating that characteristic Brewskie Butt ginger color. A red pencil over a purple gives a different “mixing” effect. Yellow over an aqua blue creates a unique green. White over light blue brings out a light/dark contrast, making the two cats’ white fur have more texture and interest than if they had just been left blank.

Just Meowing' Cat Coloring Book for Adults by BZTAT
Markers only
Markers only
Just Meowin' Cat Coloring Book for Adults
Pencil over marker







This is my process for creating finished drawings. The entire process can take quite a long time, and it may be a bit laborious for a coloring book page. It might be fun to give it a try, however. I suggest that you do some experimenting on scratch paper before coloring in a drawing with these techniques. On your scratch paper, color in some areas with different markers and test out different Prismacolor pencils over them to see how the two layers interact.

What is your favorite coloring technique? Please share in the comments!

Just Meowin' Cat Coloring Book for Adults

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Just Meowing with Brewskie Butt Cat Coloring Book for Adults

Artist BZTAT Color Me Cats Coloring book for adults

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