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Crazy Cat Ladies Rock!

Gray Maine Coon Cat photo by BZTAT
“Who” photo by BZTAT

The myth of the Crazy Cat Lady being some kind of social reject who hoards cats and ends up neglecting them is so yesterday.

Even the recent attempt by the media to connect cat lovers with an evil mind-wasting disease was knocked down with ferocity by cat bloggers world wide.

In a Facebook group of which I am an avid participant, we consider being a Crazy Cat Lady a badge of honor. Crazy Cat Guys are the bomb too! Loving cats and sharing with other cat lovers is for socially connected folks, not social rejects.

I decided that I would do a series of posts about being a Crazy Cat Lady this week and write how my feline brood influences my artwork. I hope that you enjoy the posts and the cat photos with which I plan to inundate you this week.

Are you a cat lover? Do you wear your status as badge of honor?

Disclaimer: I am an avid dog lover too, but having cats as my personal pets, they are my first love. No dissing of dogs and dog lovers is intended with this series, although my cats may hiss at them here and there.