Brewskie's Great Adventure

Every picture tells a story. This one, entitled “Brewskie’s Great Adventure” certainly does. With Brewskie’s rising popularity on Twitter and Facebook, I thought I would share this picture’s story here.

In late October of 2006, I was having one of those trying times that we all experience at some point in our lives. I had recently been laid off from my job and was financially and emotionally at a low ebb. What did my dear cat Brewskie decide to do to cheer me up? He slipped out the front door when I had my hands full, and disappeared under the deck of my house! Needless to say, it did not cheer me up.

Brewskie is a paradoxical cat. Although he can be quite curious and adventurous, he can also be very anxious and fearful. Inside the door, he had been curious and adventurous; outside the door, he became fearful and nothing short of “freaked out”. His fear led him to bolt up the hillside and into the woods that surrounded our home in Dellroy, OH. I followed him, careful not to make sudden movements to further intimidate him, but he kept going. I soon lost sight of him.

Muttering and cursing to myself, I trudged through the woods looking for my Brewskie Butt. I called his name incessantly. Soon, I began to panic. Was I ever going to find him? It was cold and drizzly, and he was not accustomed to being outside. There were coyotes in those woods. I had to find him! I could not be without my Brew!!!! I spent hours looking for him to no avail.

When it became dark outside, I was beside myself, knowing that I could not go out in the woods again until daylight. I thought I heard a meow, though… Quickly, I grabbed a flashlight and went outside. Shining the light up the hillside, I saw a set of green glowing eyes. There he was! Although his eyes are actually a beautiful amber color, the reflection in the night was a haunting greenish glow. As I approached him, he ran up the hillside again, and I could no longer see the green eyes.

I did not sleep well that night. Neither did Slick, my tortoise shell calico cat who never has cared much for Brewskie. She was very uptight, and was focused on certain spots on the floor, leading me to wonder if the Brew was under the house. Noah, my Maine coon cat, was also unsettled. This went on for two more nights, with none of us sleeping much. There were day sightings of the Brew, and night sightings of the green glowing eyes, but each time, he became frightened and ran off.

By the third night, I was completely distraught, worrying about my little boy. Not only that, I had slipped into a “woe is me” pity party, lamenting all the things that were wrong in my life. Losing a job is one thing. Losing a cat is a whole different thing. Again, I saw the green glowing eyes when I shone the flashlight up the hill, and I begged the Brew to come home. I knew that he wanted to come in, but he was just too scared. Seeing my neighbors tool shed, I decided to leave some food inside to see if he might come inside and eat during the night.

At about 4:00 A.M., I was awakened from a very light sleep by a loud yowl from the direction of the tool shed. I ran outside in my pajamas with the flashlight, and peered inside the shed. There he was! I closed the door so he could not escape again, and I sat down on the floor. For a few minutes he eyed me and yowled as loud as his little body could muster. Eventually, he came towards me, and allowed me to pet him, then he crawled in my lap. He alternated between licking me and yowling, but was obviously relieved to be safe with his human mama.

Slick and Noah greeted Brewskie with much cheer and relief. After some time of joyous reuniting, we all snuggled into bed for the best rest that we had enjoyed for days.

It wasn’t long after that that we moved to the city. I started a new job and we all had new adventures ahead of us, living in the heart of the Canton, OH Arts District. Two doors now stand between Brewskie and the Great Outdoors, but he truly does not try to slip out anymore. We also have another cat living with us now named Who.

I painted the painting above to express the feelings that went through me during those three days that Brewskie was on the run. Those were three of the worst days of my life. During that time I realized what was important to me and how my love for my cats connects me to everything else in my life. Some may say that makes me crazy. I say it connects me to a kind of love and life connection that breaks down all other complications of daily living. I knew I could get another job, but I couldn’t get another Brewskie.

As upset as I was that I could not hold my little guy and ensure his safety during those three days, I did know that he was nearby because of his green glowing eyes. In the painting, his eyes are depicted with green glitter to show that luminous and mysterious quality that left such an impression on my soul. The painting is large, 4′ X 3′, which is fitting. Brewskie himself is larger than life to me, as are all of my cats.

(“Brewskie’s Great Adventure” is on sale at Art Adventures Studios in Canton, OH. Contact the BZTAT at for purchasing information.)

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