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2018 Cat and Dog Fine Art Calendars

Each month features artwork by BZTAT of a different beloved pet!

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Images from the CAT Calendar


Images from the Dog Calendar


The “Pawprints on Your Soul” BZTAT Studios 2018 Cat and Dog Fine Art Calendars features digitally designed portraits of actual animals who have brought much love and joy to the homes of their devoted pet loving humans. The Cat calendar is certain to warm the hearts of catl lovers, and the Dog calendar will endear dog lovers. Each month features a portrait image created by Artist BZTAT through a process of manipulating photographs with a variety of mobile app filters. Each portrait is accompanied by a relevant quote.

Calendars are printed on 8.5″ H x 11″ W card stock and bound with plastic spiral binding. Protective covers are on front and back of each calendar.

$17.99 Each + shipping


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