Jan 012012

VisionI am not really one to ascribe to the law of attraction philosophy that is often attached to the creation of vision boards. I do think that making a visual representation of your goals is helpful in realizing them, though.

I created a vision board in 2010 and I shared it here on my blog. Some of the goals were accomplished and others remain in process. There were a couple that I pretty much failed at. Yeah, I am still on the Super Size Me Diet.

This year I am focusing on developing my artwork into a marketable creative product so that I can live comfortably while creatively enhancing the world that I live in. I am now a full time artist, so this is my most important priority.

As I will be turning 50 this year, I am also realizing the need to focus more on the people, creatures and things that I cherish most. Although I tend to be more private about such things, I would be remiss to ignore that here.

So here is my vision board. I hope to check back throughout the year to review and reflect on my progress!

In 2012 My Vision is to:

Okey's Promise traveling art exhibit

Create a traveling exhibit that educates and inspires people around the world to take action against animal abuse, child abuse and domestic violence.

Where in the World is Brewskie Butt Meowin' Today? Book cover

Publish my first picture book and subsequent books as well.

BZTAT Studios art licensing

Create and market a comprehensive art licensing portfolio to potential manufacturers.

Drawing of cat character Brewskie Butt on the beach with a beer

Develop Brewskie Butt into a character for licensing and merchandising various products.

Labrador Retriever dog pet portrait by BZTAT

Paint lots of portraits of cool dogs and develop enriching relationships with the people in their lives.

Calico cat pet portrait painting by BZTAT

Paint lots of portraits of cool cats and develop enriching relationships with the people in their lives.

BZTAT public speaking

Do more public speaking and consultation.

money celebration of wealth

Increase my wealth and manage it more effectively.

Super Size Me Diet

Try harder to get off the Super Size Me Diet.

heart digital art by BZTAT

Enhance and enrich my relationships with family, friends and others whom I hold dear.

Fabulous 5 cats drawing by BZTAT

Love on my fabulous 5 felines as much as I possibly can.

Change the World grafitti art by BZTAT

Do my part to make the world a better place.

I hope that you have creative visions for 2012 as well. May you have the most pleasant and inspiring adventures in 2012! Happy New Year!

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  1. Wow. Your Vision Board is very inspiring! Now Mom wants us to do one…

    Happy New Year BZTAT!

    Love, Cokes
    OK and Kristin

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