2009 Fund for ArtsinStark

A special message from Robb Hankins, President and CEO of ArtsInStark, the County Arts Council:

There are just a few days left until Wednesday, May 20 and the end of the annual Arts Campaign run by ArtsinStark, the County Arts Council. If you haven’t already done so — we’re asking you take a minute to make an investment. We’re about to pass 97% of our $1,450,000 goal. Donations of any size can get us to 100%. Please respond and then send this on to a friend.

DONATE on-line!

Your investment puts the arts back into our downtowns (First Friday) and back into our schools (SmArts programs have reached 10,000 kids). It also puts the arts back into our neighborhoods (200,000 people each year are reached by the arts because of our grants to Stark County’s 7 largest arts organizations and hundreds of smaller non profits.) Your investment can also mean more blockbuster shows like KIMONO (100,000 people participated with $6 million of economic impact).

Need even more reasons? Watch the campaign video.

Need to get more? Donors of $36 or more receive the SuperPass, good for big savings on arts and entertainment tickets — plus the chance to win $1,200 in cash towards a dream trip. But please act before May 20 and show you believe in the power of the arts. DONATE on-line!

Robert J. Hankins (Robb)

President & CEO

ArtsinStark – The County Arts Council

“Growing the arts to create smarter kids, new jobs, and healthier communities.”

900 Cleveland Avenue NW

PO Box 21190

Canton, OH 44701 – 1190

330.453.1075 ext. 202

330.453.1105 fax

330-265-8730 cell



If you “believe in the power of the arts”, click here to “invest” in 2009 Fund for ArtsinStark which ends on May 20! See the campaign video.

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