Prayer for September 11, 2001

Prayer for 911 drawing by BZTAT
“Prayer for 911” drawing by BZTAT

Prayer for September 11, 2001

Dear God,

Today a part of my land

And a part of my people

Was reduced to a cloud of

Smoke, rubble and dust.

As the pain and dust linger,

Please help me to join hands

In peace, not rage,

With other spirits

Who seek to rise above.

I wrote this prayer in my journal on September 11, 2001. I was filled with both sadness and hope at the time. Sadness at the huge loss; hope that it would rally us towards peace in the name of those lost.

Sadly, my hopes have yet to be realized. There is more rage and violence ravaging our world today than I have ever seen.

I share the prayer and the drawing each year on my website on September 11, in hopes that peace will  prevail in our world someday.

Today, I again join hands with kindred spirits. I remain hopeful.

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