What's on BZTAT's Easel? Custom Pet Portrait of Rocket the Dog!

Pet Portrait of Rocket
Custom Pet Portrait by BZTAT

Each of my pet portraits take many long hours to complete. This is because I use a process of layering multiple layers of color to get unique texture and color effects.

The process is also meticulous and time consuming because of my passion for ensuring that the portrait captures the essence of the animal depicted. Even though my style is somewhat abstract, it is very important to capture a likeness of the animal, as well as meet my my own exacting standards for a unique work of art.

I love animals myself, and I love sharing my love of pets with other pet lovers. What is unique about my portraits, I believe, is that each one depicts not only the animal, but the relationship that the animal shares with the people who love it.

RocketI met Rocket and his person at Canine Action Sports, a dog training center and dog park where I often paint portraits on location. Rocket was a rescue dog who now lives a very joyful life, bringing much joy to his person. He is quite popular at Canine Action Sports!

When I first saw Rocket, I knew I would enjoy painting him. His coloration and facial structure play to my artistic style well.

But his playful, fun charisma made me fall in love with him! That love filled me with enthusiasm through the entire painting of the portrait.

Rocket (WIP)

Rocket (WIP)

Rocket (WIP)

Rocket (WIP)

Rocket and his person loved his portrait, as did his many friends at Canine Action Sports! They were so happy, Rocket’s person has commissioned me to do another portrait of a friend’s cat for a very special gift. Watch for the portrait of Leo coming soon!

If you are interested in a pet portrait of your animal, info about the process can be found here.

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