What is it like to be an artist?

Artist BZTAT painting
Artist BZTAT painting

“I wish I could paint like that!” “I wish I was an artist!”

I hear those comments a lot. I generally smile or continue the conversation in some other direction, because it is sort of awkward to respond directly.

I am gratified by the complimentary tone, and I deeply appreciate the admiration. It is a gift to have a talent to which others aspire. How many people get to do something every day that inspires others to say, “I want to do that!”?

It amazes me sometimes how others seem to enjoy the vicarious journey of “living” through the eyes of the artist, trying to imagine what it is like to be, well, me.

I often think my life is pretty boring. I mean, I fill my day with things that are interesting to me, but in the grand scheme of things, I doubt what interests me is of interest to others. Yet, my postings in social media suggests otherwise. Retweets on Twitter and Facebook “Likes” are always a surprise to me.

I try to use this blog to give a glimmer of insight into my life and my adventure every day. My art also shares my insight and unique perspective. I thought this week, however, I would focus more directly on giving my readers and art fans a more in-depth view.

So what would you like to know? What questions do you have about what it is like to be an artist? I will try to respond and give feedback the best that I can in daily posts this week.

Thanks for following my adventure!