Sep 262010

While I was at BlogPaws West in Denver, CO a couple of weeks ago, I was interviewed on camera courtesy of Eukanuba.

Yeah, I know. It was a bad hair day. I overslept – what can I say? Didn’t have much time for primping.

I overslept because: 1) You don’t sleep much at conferences when you stay up late enjoying the company of friends you rarely get to see; and 2) What little time you get DO get to sleep is luxurious, because BlogPaws manages to find hotels that have the most comfortable beds in the world. It is REALLY hard to pull yourself out of those beds.

If you can look past the bed-head, the interview is not half bad.

You can see more videos on my new video page. Enjoy!

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  1. That was great, I really enjoyed the interview!

  2. You look and sound FABULOUS!!! Forget the bed head—you look like what your are, which is an amazing artist! This is a great video, and a great illustration of “Be the Change.” I love the story you tell about pet bloggers!

    • Aw. Thx Bev! And thx to Eukanuba for putting all of the great videos together. Pet bloggers are the best in the world, aren’t they?

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