Today’s “Drawing a Day” – “#Resist #Persist”

UPDATE: This auction is closed due to the implementation of the BUY NOW Option.


This day a year ago was one of the darkest of my life. It ended with not only the loss of my chosen presidential candidate, but the vindication of the most hateful presidential campaign in my country’s history.

Over the past year, my worst fears from the election have come true. The man elected president by a minority of American voters has continued to spew hateful rhetoric and he has fanned the flames of racism and white nationalism across our country. His childish behavior has given courage to bullies; his ignorance has brought us to nuclear brinksmanship with worldwide foes; his erratic ways and unwise policies have diminished our country’s standing in the world; and his constant assault on democratic norms has threatened our democracy. 

He has, however, accomplished one positive thing.
Deep in slumber for many years, the American public has awaken and stepped up to fulfill its role in democracy. Although we have a president who seems intent on wrecking many of the institutions created to support and protect Americans, a strong force of citizens has resisted. The resistance has filled the streets and congressional town halls, and they have contacted their elected officials in record numbers demanding change. They have shown up at the polls in subsequent elections to vote for progressive candidates and referendums. 
Their force is having impact. The tide is turning. The antidote to hate has been inspired and it is gaining strength. 
The challenge to protect democracy through democracy is a daunting one. It is moving forward, though, through a movement of caring citizens resisting the forces against us. I am proud to be a part of that movement. We must resist and we must persist to keep our country’s greatness alive.
For an artistic challenge, I am making a drawing every day in November. Each drawing will be placed for auction on here on my blog. Today’s drawing “#RESIST #PERSIST” captures the spirit of the change movement described above. I hope that you like the drawing!

The “Drawing a Day” drawings will be fun images that will make nice gifts for the upcoming holidays. I have done “Drawing a Day” projects before, and they have been a lot of fun!

You can follow each day’s drawing by by subscribing to my my blog or by following my posts on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. Minimum bids will be low – you just might get a great artwork for a bargain! 

Thanks for following along all month and for bidding on the drawings!

By the way, let me know what you would like to see me draw the rest of the month in the comments below. I am open to suggestions!

Here’s the info about the drawing:

5″ x 7″ Prismacolor Pencil and Marker Drawing by artist BZTAT 

Comes with an acid free mat ready for a 8X10″ frame

Leave bids in increments of $5 below in the comments section.

Minimum Bid $20 USD

Shipping: $5 USA $20 International

BUY NOW OPTION: You can buy this piece now for $35 as long as no bids have been made in the comments below. Simply write BUY NOW in the comments and I will send you an invoice via Paypal which can be paid with a credit card or with PayPal.

Highest bid at 10:00 pm EST on Thursday 11/9/17 wins the piece.

Winning bidder: I will send an invoice via Paypal to the winning bidder which can be paid with a credit card or with PayPal.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for USA shipping.

Life is an Adventure!



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