The Summer Party Paint-a-thon Auction is live!


The auction of the paintings created in yesterday’s Summer Party Paint-a-thon is now live, and these Party Animals are ready to liven up your home!

Each artwork has its own bidding page. Please do not leave bids in the comments of this post. Click on the images of the artwork below for which you’d like to bid. Simply leave your bid in the comments on the artwork’s bidding page, and keep checking back to see if others have made bids after you. There is a “Buy Now” option for each piece. You can buy the piece now for $125 as long as no bids have been made before you. Simply write BUY NOW in the comments and the piece is yours for $125 + shipping.

Bidding will conclude on Monday, August 22, 2011 with final bids closing at 10 pm EST.

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10% of the auction proceeds will go to the Brennis Booth Medical Fund. You can donate to the fund without a purchase, if you would like, by using the Chip in widget in the left sidebar.

Thanks for your support of the auction. Happy bidding!

Click on images to get info on each painting and to make bids.

"The Bottle Belongs to the Cat" Painting by BZTAT
"Dognac" Painting by BZTAT
"It Must Be Kitty Love" painting by BZTAT
"Picasso-esque Tuxie with Meowgarita" Painting by BZTAT
"Party Pup" Painting by BZTAT
Orange Cat and It's Niptini" Painting by BZTAT