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Your Secret Garden awaits…Bid now and it could be yours!


"Secret Garden" painting by BZTAT
“Secret Garden” painting by BZTAT

Yesterday I ran an auction for a couple of paintings, and it generated some interest. I used to do auctions all the time, but I haven’t done so much lately. I thought I would run another one today and see if there was interest again.

This painting has been hanging in my studio awhile. People seem to enjoy it, but for one reason or another, it has not yet made it into someone’s collection. I’d like to change that. I can see it brightening up a sun-filled room or complementing a darker area as well. Could it be the right fit for your home?

 This could be a good opportunity for you to get an original BZTAT painting for a great price, and have some fun in the process!

It is a colorful contemporary folk art style painting of an imaginary garden painted on wood. It is painted to the edges, so no framing is needed.

It is listed at $175 for the regular price, but I am making the minimum bid start at $50, so you just might get it for a steal! If you are interested, simply state your bid in the comments below.

Bid away and have some fun! But hurry, and watch closely. The bidding ends Friday night!

Here are the details:

10″ X 14″ paintings on wood by artist BZTAT

Leave bids in increments of $10 below in the comments section.

Minimum Bid $50 USD

Shipping: $25 USA $45 International

BUY NOW OPTION: You can buy this piece now for $125 as long as no bids have been made in the comments below. Simply write BUY NOW in the comments and send a payment of $125 + shipping via PayPal to bztat at bztat.com.

Highest bid at 10 pm ET on Friday, May 30 wins the piece.

Winning bidder: send payment of bid + shipping to Paypal using email address: bztat at bztat.com

Please allow 4 weeks for shipping.

Spring Fling Flower Power Auction!

Spring Fling Flower Power Art
"Spring Fun #1" by BZTAT

I decided to paint something besides animals for a change. I love painting animals, but on occasion, I have a yearning to paint something else.

Since winter was a bust this year in Ohio (YAY!) and since Spring came very early, I decided to paint flowers. They are simple, and fun – just like the childhoods of which Spring reminds us.

Each painting has been posted for auction. Simply click on the image and it will take you to the auction page. The details about the paintings are below and on each painting’s auction page. Happy Spring, and Happy Bidding!

Spring Fling Flower Power Art
"Spring Fun #2" by BZTAT
Spring Fling Flower Power Art
"Spring Fun #3" by BZTAT
Spring Fling Flower Power Art
"Spring Fun #4" Painting by BZTAT

Each painting is a 10″ X 14″ painting on wood by artist BZTAT

*BUY THE SET is No longer Available* BUY THE SET OF ALL FOUR PAINTINGS NOW for $425!

If none of the paintings has received a bid, you can activate the BUY THE SET NOW option by writing BUY THE SET NOW in the comments of this post. Send a payment of $425 + shipping ($25 USA $45 International for each piece) via PayPal to bztat at bztat.com.

You can also bid on the paintings one by one, as long as no one else has activated the BUY NOW option.

Click on the image(s) and leave bids in increments of $10 on each artwork’s auction page.

Minimum Bid $50 USD

Shipping: $25 USA $45 International

Bidding on all pieces ends

Thursday, 4/19/2012 at 10pm ET.

Please allow 4 weeks for shipping, as the painting will need hardware and other finishing before they can be shipped.

What's on BZTAT's Easel? Some mighty fine wine…

Just Meowin' Wine Bottle painting by BZTAT
Painting by BZTAT

OK, it is not exactly on the easel. I had to hang this one on the wall to paint it. It is 6′ tall, after all.

A friend gave me some odd shaped canvases to paint, and this one just cried out for a bottle to be painted on it. And, of course, my obnoxious cat Brewskie Butt found his way onto the bottle.

If you have not visited The Brew’s website recently, you might want to go take a peak. It has been redesigned and is a new place for feline fun. And the Brew is pleased as pitch about his new book, “Where in the World is Brewskie Butt Meowin’ Today?” He is having a book launch party on Twitter on this Wednesday 1/25/12. Be sure to join him for some crazy, whacky shenannigans!

We are also celebrating the Brew in the “real world” for February. Beginning on First Friday (2/3/12) I will have a special “What’s Brewin’?'” showing of Brewskie Butt artwork at the Creative Ohio Gallery at 310 4th St. NW in Canton.

So what’s Brewin’ with you?