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What’s the best way to enjoy a margarita?

Margarita  painting by BZTAT
“Margarita Madness” painting by BZTAT

What’s the best way to enjoy a margarita?

Most likely, the best way would be to enjoy it on a tropical island beach with a loved one or with friends around. We can’t all have that when we want it, though, can we?

The next best thing would be to bring the beach to your home and hang it on the wall. You can do just that with this colorful and contemporary ode to Margaritaville!

This luscious libation can grace your walls for a fraction of the cost of an island vacation, and it can bring much color and fun to your home.

As I did with the Tantalizing Martini paintings yesterday, I am going to let you suggest a price that you would like to pay* for a limited timeSimply send me an email through my contact form with your suggested price, and lets talk.

There will be more paintings on this theme coming. Watch this space to see what’s new!

 Life is an Adventure!


*Artist reserves the right to accept or refuse any offer depending on suitability for the piece. Shipping costs will be extra.

Spring Cleaning – Ha! Like Spring is ever going to get here…

Painting by BZTAT
Black cat painting by BZTAT

Spring keeps taunting me, like a feral cat staring at me from a distance, unwilling to let me take it into my grasp. I think Spring is finally here, and then another cold, miserable snowy day appears.

Well, I am going to celebrate Spring, whether the weather changes or not. It is time to do some Spring Cleaning and time to get some of these paintings hanging on my walls onto someone else’s walls.

I am in a bargaining mood and I am willing to allow my friends and fans a special opportunity. I am not going to mark things down. I am not going to offer a certain discount. I am going to let YOU tell me a price you’d like to pay for the artwork of your desire, and we’ll see if we can make it happen.

I reserve the right to turn down offers deemed too low, but what have you got to lose? Send me an email with your offer, and let’s talk! Check out my Paintings Gallery below to see what is available. Email me if you want to make an offer. And let’s talk.

I am not sure how long this will last, but it won’t be long. So get your offer in fast.

I would love to see my painting on YOUR wall!


Paintings Gallery – Click on images to bigafy them.

Life is an Adventure!


Spring Fling 2013 Art Auctions are live!

All auctions have expired.

"Spring Fling Pup" Painting by BZTAT
“Spring Fling Pup” Painting by BZTAT

The auctions for the artworks created in yesterday’s Spring Fling 2013 Create-a-Thon  are now live!

Each artwork has its own bidding page. Please do not leave bids in the comments of this post. Click on the images of the artwork below for which you’d like to bid. Simply leave your bid in the comments on the artwork’s bidding page, and keep checking back to see if others have made bids after you. There is a “Buy Now” option for each piece. You can buy the piece now for the stated “Buy Now” price as long as no bids have been made before you. Simply write BUY NOW in the comments and the piece is yours for $125 + shipping.

NOTE: If you have artwork currently on order (excludes Etsy orders), or you plan to attend the BlogPaws conference, there will be no shipping costs for any artwork you purchase from these Create-a-thon auctions. I will either include it with your existing order free of charge, or I will deliver it to you at BlogPaws. These artworks all can fit in a suitcase!

Bidding will conclude on Sunday, May 12, 2013 at 10 pm ET.

Winning bidders will need to allow 4 weeks for shipping.

Thanks for your support of the auction. Happy bidding!

Click on images to get info on each artwork and to make bids.

"Sunflower" painting by BZTAT
“Sunflower” painting by BZTAT
"Snapdragon" painting by BZTAT
“Snapdragon” painting by BZTAT
"First Sign of Spring" painting by BZTAT
“First Sign of Spring” painting by BZTAT
"Spring Fling Pup" Painting by BZTAT
“Spring Fling Pup” Painting by BZTAT
"Maine Coon Stare Down" painting by BZTAT
“Maine Coon Stare Down” painting by BZTAT
"Cat Tail Coctail" painting by BZTAT
“Cat Tail Coctail” painting by BZTAT