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Moving Ahead and Moving On

The past week, and especially the past weekend, has been a physical and mental challenge for me. As I stated I would in a previous post, I moved from a house in Canton, OH to a house in Alliance, OH. There are only 13.5 miles between the two places, but moving is never easy, regardless of the distance.

The physical challenge is obvious – moving is tough on the the body, especially when you have as much stuff as I do but can’t afford to pay someone to move it for you! The mental challenge is in organizing and determining what to keep. After organizing the packing and the moving process, you must organize where things go once you are in the new place. I am now in the latter part of the process, which is not quite as physically challenging as the first part, but it is difficult living in the chaos you see above. The good thing is that my new home has many places to put things – ample closet and storage space – and it is such an inspiring space!

The cats were a bit disoriented and out of their element in making the move at first, but they are exploring and making themselves at home.

Mia Meow has been enjoying the numerous windows (Curtain pulls have now all been put out of her reach).

Even Okey, my typically shy and fearful one, has been exploring and expanding her boundaries.

I will be getting the studio space set up in short order so that I can get to the pet portrait orders I have have waiting. I can’t wait to get started painting in the new place!

I also will be tending to the yard and mini-forest that is my back yard. That will take some time, but it is in the plans.

Whenever you move, you typically are leaving some things behind as you venture onward to new opportunities. I will write more on this in the future as to how this particular move represented a move away from undesired circumstances, and a move toward new opportunities. For now, I am glad that I am now in the adventure phase of moving!

Have you moved your home or studio recently? What was the experience like for you?

Life is an Adventure!