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Artwork by BZTAT

Many of us are white keys, the musical notes that are most common and what we hear the most on the keyboard. Some of us are black keys, those musical notes that are less common and give contrast to the expected melodies of life.

White keys without black keys are boring; black keys without white keys are too intense and unstructured.

White keys need black keys to complete a harmonious sound, and vice versa.

Together, we are the spirit of life–music.

BZTAT’s Holiday Playlist – "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!"

Artwork by BZTAT
Artwork by BZTAT

I love this time of year. Many faiths celebrate their traditions with great joy and spirit, and there is lots of frivolity.

I grew up celebrating Christmas each year by listening to the sounds of Andy Williams, and I am glad that his tunes still ring relevant for many today.

I thought I would share one of my favorite Andy Williams Christmas classics today, “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!” Enjoy!

Life is an Adventure!


BZTAT’s Holiday Playlist

Jason Farnham is one of my most favorite musicians. Not only do I feel blessed to have experienced his music, I feel blessed to know him personally.  Jason is a native of my hometown, Canton, OH, and I am lucky to call him and his wife Lisa my friends.

Jason now lives in Los Angeles, CA, and he is well on his way to establishing himself as acclaimed artist. My hope is that the music industry will not tarnish the beautiful spirit of optimism that lives in the heart of my friend.

I hope that he keeps making music that inspires hope, love and peace, as he does in this video. “Love Around the World” is perfect for the holidays as we contemplate the diverse nature of celebrations this time of year.

“Love Around the World” is recorded on Jason’s most recent CD “Christmas”, which can be purchased here.