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BZTAT Murals: Have Paintbrush, Will Travel!

Downtown Cats Mural
"Downtown Cats" Mural by BZTAT in Canton, OH

Now that the “Downtown Cats” mural is complete, I am thinking about the next big thing…

Would you like a BZTAT mural in your town? In your home or business or favorite community spot?

Do you know a company or organization that would be interested in sponsoring an interior or exterior mural in your community?

It could happen. I am willing to travel to different locations to create murals for interior and exterior spaces. Have paintbrush, will travel!

My murals feature brightly colored images that can add interest and energy to community environments, corporate venues, residential spaces, etc.  As with the “Downtown Cats” mural in Canton, OH, my murals can be  part of the revitalization of a downtown or other city area, complimenting an overall community development plan.

Or they could be part of a more personal renovation in your home, adding color and energy to your living spaces.

Murals can be painted on actual structural surfaces or can be painted onto wood or other materials to attach to a permanent structure. (My preference is to do the latter, because it can be done in the studio rather than on location, and because the piece can be moved should the structure be altered after the mural is complete.)

My specialty is pet oriented imagery, however, I also paint a variety of other subjects. Images are custom designs, utilizing my unique style and images. I will create designs specifically to enhance the environment selected.

Some possible uses for a BZTAT mural:

  • Enhancement of community spaces where people gather for events, shopping, entertainment, etc.
  • Revitalization of downtown and other city areas in Special Improvement Districts or other community development plans.
  • Decorating corporate buildings or corporate sponsorship of community art projects.
  • Bringing awareness to issues and concerns facing communities and special populations.
  • Decorating hospital spaces, particularly children’s hospitals.
  • Decorating veterinarian’s offices, doctor’s offices, etc.
  • Decorating children’s rooms and other residential spaces.
  • Creating interest for pet oriented brands, pet product companies, etc. (Please note that I only paint my own designs and do not replicate existing logos or other artists’ images. Sponsoring a BZTAT custom artwork, however, can bring considerable attention to your brand.)

Pricing varies according to size, complexity, surface, location, and a variety of other factors. Contact me for an estimate for your mural project.

You could be the next big thing on BZTAT’s schedule!

Make sure to attend the Dedication of the “Downtown Cats” mural on August 6 at 7:30 pm, either in Canton, OH or via USTREAM live broadcast online! Register via the Facebook Event Page or Twitter Twtvite!