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I Need an Image of an Adoptable Cat for My BlogPaws Mural.

Digital Art by BZTAT

Can you help me out?

I want to use a dog and cat image for the mural that I will be creating at BlogPaws West.

Last night, I was going through zillions of photos of critters to use as reference images for the mural.

Then someone posted this sweet pup named Lorenza on my Facebook wall.

I thought, “She’s Perfect!”

LorenzaLorenza was found in Canton, OH and is looking for a home. The person who found her volunteers with Second Chance For Animals, and she has offered to pay the adoption fee for anyone who is one of my Facebook Fans.

Please let me know if you are near Ohio and are interested. I will connect you with the volunteer.

Now I need a cat…

Do you have a photo of a cat that is available for adoption that I could use for my mural along with Lorenza?

If so, post it on my Facebook Fan Page with some information about the animal and how it can be adopted by Friday September 3, 2010.

I will choose a cat to be featured in the mural from the photos I receive.

Since a big part of the BlogPaws mission is to Be the Change for Pets, it seems only right to feature pets in need in the mural.

I am looking forward to painting the mural, and I am looking forward to meeting you at BlogPaws!

BlogPaws West: Your Chance To Pawticipate in Creating A BZTAT Mural!

BZTATBlogPaws West, the second conference this year put on by the great BlogPaws Team, is less than 2 weeks away.

And guess what? I am not only going to be there, I am going to be creating an artwork during the conference in collaboration with all of the attendees!

BlogPaws has commissioned me to create a Dialogues Mural as part of the BlogPaws West Conference in Denver, CO September 9-11, 2010.

A Dialogues Mural is a public artwork that I create on-site at an event with the help of event participants. Participants are encouraged to scribe their thoughts, ideas, reflections, drawings, etc. about the event’s theme, which I then incorporate into the mural using collage techniques.

A Dialogues Mural keeps the energy, inspiration and dialog going well after an event has concluded. Additionally, having an interactive artwork as part of an event creates a memorable attraction that lives on in the hearts of participants.

The theme for the BlogPaws mural is Hand to Hand – Paw to Paw: Celebrating the Worldwide Community of Pet Lovers.

I am very excited about creating the BlogPaws mural, as the organization and it’s purposes are very near and dear to my heart.  I will get a chance to create an artwork with some of the most influential writers and entrepreneurs in the online pet community, and I will get to spend great times with friends who I have met online.

Are you coming to BlogPaws? If so, come prepared to share a thought, an image, a quote, or some other idea that will become a part of a collaborative piece of art. it isn’t hard. All you need to do is write your thought on a small piece of paper and submit it to be included with the thoughts shared by others in YOUR community.

I can’t wait to create and share dialogs with you!

Dialogues Murals by BZTAT: Want to Make Art A Part of Your Event?

Alzheimer's Association Mural
Dialogues Mural by BZTAT

I am most known for my animal artwork and custom pet portraits. I do a lot of other kinds of artwork, however.

Dialogues Murals are commissioned artworks that I do for organizations, companies, conferences, etc. to artistically render the energy of an event or activity.

Have you ever been to a conference or some public celebration and thought, “Oh, if there was just some way that we could keep this energy going!” ? Well, there is a way to keep it going.

Commissioning a Dialogues Mural by BZTAT means that I will: 1) attend your event, 2) create an artwork encompassing your event’s theme on site, 3) interact with participants and encourage them to incorporate their thoughts into the artwork, and 4) provide you with a completed professional artwork for prominent public display.

A Dialogues Mural keeps the energy, inspiration and dialog going well after the event has concluded. Additionally, having an interactive artwork as part of your event creates a memorable attraction that lives on in the hearts of participants.

The mural pictured above was commissioned by Goodwill Community Campus in Canton, OH for the Alzheimer’s Association located at their facility. The messages collaged into the background of the mural were created by staff and participants of the organization’s services.

Alzheimer's Mural close-up

Alzheimer's Mural close-up

Alzheimer's Association Mural close-up

Although the messages incorporated into the background were done by participants almost a year ago, the thoughts and ideas will continue to inspire for many generations.

You can see more Dialogues Murals here and read more about them.

Would you like to have a Dialogues Mural as part of your event? Contact me and let’s start a dialog.