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Creative Cardboard – A Fun and Adventurous Project!

creative cardboard collage installation by BZTAT
“Creative Cardboard” Collaborative art installation by BZTAT

I have done collaborative art projects before, but never with such a loose format, and never with cardboard. So I wasn’t really sure what would happen when I decided to do a “Creative Cardboard” live collaborative art installation on Canton’s First Friday two days ago.

I was plArt student paintingeasantly surprised by the creativity and enthusiasm of my “collaborators”!

We had a large crowd of people come through the Creative Ohio Gallery, and many stopped to contribute some creativity to the installation. These two young ladies were some of the most creative of the bunch.

We started with a loosely constructed jumble of cardboard that was build to have some 3-D qWork in progress BZTATualities. I put some base coats of paint on to give us a background and starting point.

Later, I added color to the background, and then I started adding the pieces created by my “collaborators”. Their pieces were applied to the cardboard with permanent “glue dots” that enhanced the 3-D qualities.

Work in progress BZTAT

We had artists of all ages contribute, adults as well as youngsters, and all expressed exuberant joy in the process. I knew it would be fun, but I had no idea how fully involved in the project some would become!

The end result was a playful microcosm of a very artful city where people enjoy creation just for the fun of it. I think that describes Canton. Does it describe your town?

"Creative Cardboard" Collaborative art installation by BZTAT

What creative projects have you done to involve others in a fun and artful creative process?

The “Creative Cardboard’ piece will be on display at the Creative Ohio Gallery at 310 4th St. NW, Canton, OH for a couple of weeks or so, maybe longer. I will post an update if it is moved to another location.

Creative Cardboard – A Live Participatory Art Installation!

Creative Cardboard

I mentioned the other day that I was doing a big project for this coming Canton First Friday. Here it is!

I was inspired recently by viewing some amazing artworks made of cardboard and a live installation at the Third Friday event for the 78th Street Studios in Cleveland. I decided to bring a bit of that excitement to Canton.

This Friday in Canton (July 6, 2012), I will be creating a live art installation with First Friday participants, allowing them to create with me. The artwork will be made of cardboard, however, do not think for a moment that it will be drab or dull. I am planning a wonderful and colorful experience that will be fun for all.

I will be at the Creative Ohio Gallery at 310 4th St. NW. If you are in town, stop in and create with us!

Doing more with less, moving furniture and silly schtuff like that.

Gallery rennovation

My mother was one to move furniture – a lot.

Whenever she got bored with her life, which seems to have happened on a regular basis, she would take up a new hobby, and move the furniture.

I inherited this tendency from her. I too like to refresh and recreate things in my life.

As the director of the Creative Ohio Gallery in Canton, OH, I have the opportunity to change things around often in a creative way. The gallery has new art and new displays changing all the time.

We are in the process of going from two storefront spaces to one, so the gallery is getting a complete redesign. Not only are we reducing space, we are also changing our focus to becoming a place to create, as opposed to simply an exhibition space. We will still exhibit art and craft items, but we will also have a studio area for artists to create.

So we will be doing more with less space, and become a more creative and interactive space.And it will be fun!

At the moment it looks like the photo above. But I have the resilience and tenacity genes from my mother, so by Friday, it will be totally transformed.  I have a big project planed for this coming First Friday. If you are in town, come join me.

Or you could come and help me move furniture…