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BZTAT and Brewskie Butt Road Show

Brewskie Butt cat painting
"Brew on the Beach"

Brewskie Butt and I are going to make a road trip to Cleveland this Friday for the Third Friday arts event at the 78th Street Studios. Well, OK, the Brew himself is not going, but his image on various artworks will be.

We have First Fridays here in Canton, and in Cleveland, they have Third Fridays. The 78th Street Studios rent out temporary space for the monthly event, so the Creative Ohio Gallery (for which I am the Director) are going to make a visit this month. If it works well, we just might make it a regular thing!

You will also be able to see artworks by Creative Ohio artists Russ Hench, Laurie Grace Fife-Harbert, Sylvia Shanahan, and others.

Follow my tweets to get live updates on the event, or better yet, come visit me on Friday!

Here are the deets:

5pm – 10pm

78th Street Studios

1305 West 80th Street (off of Lake Rd) Cleveland