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Creative Cardboard – A Live Participatory Art Installation!

Creative Cardboard

I mentioned the other day that I was doing a big project for this coming Canton First Friday. Here it is!

I was inspired recently by viewing some amazing artworks made of cardboard and a live installation at the Third Friday event for the 78th Street Studios in Cleveland. I decided to bring a bit of that excitement to Canton.

This Friday in Canton (July 6, 2012), I will be creating a live art installation with First Friday participants, allowing them to create with me. The artwork will be made of cardboard, however, do not think for a moment that it will be drab or dull. I am planning a wonderful and colorful experience that will be fun for all.

I will be at the Creative Ohio Gallery at 310 4th St. NW. If you are in town, stop in and create with us!

Stained Glass "Ice, Ice Kitty!"

Custom stained glass pet portrait
Design by BZTAT, crafted by Glassmith Artists

I don’t usually brag about my own work. When someone interprets one of my designs as fantabulously as my friends Karl Smith and Brock Allen of Glassmith Artists did with this piece, though, I think I am entitled! Their expert craftsmanship really added amazing dimension to my image of my Maine Coon cat named Who.

Karl and Brock are stained glass artists in Apple Creek, OH, a scenic town west of Canton where I live. We met through the Creative Ohio Gallery where we are all involved in the Ohio Arts and Crafts Guild. Last night, during the annual Canton First Friday Ice Festival, they put the finishing touches on the “Ice, Ice Kitty!” piece and shared their craft with patrons of the gallery. A great time was had by all!

The idea for the piece came from this digital artwork that I created a couple of years ago from a photo of Who.

Digital cat art by BZTAT
Digital Art by BZTAT

From that image, I abstracted and simplified shapes to make it conducive to a stained glass design.

Cat drawing for stained glass design by BZTAT
Cat drawing for stained glass design by BZTAT

Then Brock and Karl added their magical stained glass craftsmanship.

Stained glass artist at work
Brock Allen crafting the stained glass image

And the finished product!

Stained glass artist
Brock Allen with the finished "Ice, Ice Kitty!"

We were blessed with unseasonably warm weather for January, so the whole town came out for First Friday!

4th Street Canton First Friday
Canton First Friday

It is so wonderful to collaborate with other artists and to be in such a creative community as Creative Ohio. If you would like to get involved, check us out. You do not have to live in Ohio to be a member.

The stained glass “Ice, Ice Kitty!” can be purchased for the low price of $250 plus shipping. Custom BZTAT designs created in stained glass by Glassmith Artists can also be commissioned, starting at $400. Contact me if you are interested in commissioning a piece or are interested in the “Ice, Ice Kitty!” piece. The original drawing can be purchased for $60 + shipping. Let me know if you are interested in that as well.

I am looking forward to further collaborations with Brock and Karl. Stay tuned…