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Family Portrait: Cats, cats, and more cats and some wonderful cat loving people.

Savannah cats custom pet portrait painting BZTAT
Premiere Custom Pet Portrait Painting by BZTAT

Hattie and Bubba are two amazing cats. They are Savannah Cats,  a breed that is a cross between a domestic cat and the serval, a wild African cat. I have never met these two felines, but I have followed their antics through their human caregivers’ Facebook pages with great joy. They are young cats, I am thinking younger than 2 years, and they are full of energy.

Bubba (right) was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor a few months ago, and he has been receiving rigorous treatment. I was thrilled to learn that, on the day I completed his and Hattie’s portrait, Bubba had gone to the vet, and he was given a clean bill of health. His tumor was all gone!

Hattie and Bubba inhabit the home of Scott, Jill and Addison – three very committed cat lovers. It has been my pleasure to paint a full collection of portraits for this family, totaling 6 portraits of 7 cats! First there was Murphy. Then there was Sasha, and then Cleo. Sebastian came next, then Powder, and then finally, Hattie and Bubba.

You can see all of there portraits in this slide show.

Sadly, some of these felines are now at the Rainbow Bridge and no longer a part of this life. That is what is so special about a portrait. It keeps the positive memories alive.

Child custom pop art portrait
Custom Portrait by BZTAT

As a special gift, I also created a portrait for Scott and Jill when they adopted their young daughter, Addison at the end of 2012. Again, though I have never met them in real life, I feel as though  I know the whole family, human and feline, connected as we are through social media and artistic expression. I rarely give an artwork to a customer as a gift, but I decided to do so with this one for such loyal customers and for such a blessed event.

So what will come next in the collection? Well, I hear that Scott is wanting to add a dog into this joyful menagerie. I can only imagine the possibilities!

Would you like a portrait of your pet or child? I would love to crate artwork for your family! See info about custom pet portraits here, and custom child portraits here.

Life is an Adventure!