Sensory Feast National Juried Show–Second April Galerie

Artwork by BZTAT

I featured this artwork on a previous “Thought for the Day” post. I brought it back today because this piece, a digital photo, was selected to be shown in the Sensory Feast National Juried Show at Second April Galerie.

I thought that I would share a bit more about the inspiration behind the work.

“Window” is a digital image that I created through digital imaging filters, abstracting an original photograph that I took of a broken window.

I actually took the photo for documentary purposes when a friend’s store was broken into.

A failed burglar broke the window in a presumed attempt to steal merchandise, but was chased off by an alarm and an alert neighbor. Nothing was taken, except the sense of security and optimism held by the proprietor.

I was intrigued by the way the window glass shattered into a very beautiful pattern, despite the ugliness of the event that created it.

It left me feeling philosophical, contemplating the sad quality of humanity that leads some to take from others.

My friend was resilient, however, and beauty was found in some silver linings. And beauty was found in the random pattern of light playing with the broken glass.

Amazing beauty can be found in the most broken of things for those strong enough to seek it and brave enough to endure the process of resilience.

The Sensory Feast National Juried Show features artwork from local Canton artists and artists from around the country.

I was privy to a sneak peak at the show yesterday, and it is a fabulous showing of artwork!

The official opening of the show is Friday, September 25 with a reception from 5 pm to 9 pm. Lite refreshments as well as entertainment by Steve Jensen and Malcom Gold can be expected.

A First and Second prize as well as a People’s Choice (which you get to decide that evening!) will be presented. Second April Galerie is located at 324 Cleveland Ave. NW in the heart of the Canton Arts District.