Second April Galerie "In the Company of Friends" group show

“BZTAT’s Red Studio”
Artwork by BZTAT

I don’t show in galleries much. I prefer to connect with customers through my own studio or online. Second April Galerie is the exception. It is a gallery a block and a half from my studio operated by my dear friends Brennis Booth and Todd Walburn. Second April is a magical space. If you live in or visit Canton, you must see it!

Tonight begins Second April‘s latest showing of phenomenal artwork from regional artists. It features the ceramic works of Akron Artist Bob Yost and 30 other artists.

The painting you see above is one of my latest works that is in the exhibit.

It is a combination of 3 canvases, with the entire piece spanning 9′(W) X 4′(H).

The piece hangs in a loft area of the gallery, an area that I refer to as the rafters. It is a high space that takes a bit of acrobatics to crawl into, but I was an intrepid soul!

I have also created this piece for the show.

Artwork by BZTAT

This is a smaller piece (16″ X 22″) painted on textured wood. Both pieces pay homage to some of my art historical influences.

Henri Matisse, whose bright colors and simple abstractions are a major influence in my work, painted a painting entitled “Red Studio” where he included actual paintings in the studio on a red background.

I decided to paint my own version of the “Red Studio”. Also, Matisse and a group of his contemporaries were called “Fauves”, French for wild beasts for their style of work. I used this term to describe the yellow cat in my second painting.

There is an opening reception for the exhibit tonight from 5:00pm – 9:00pm. Second April Galerie is located at 324 Cleveland Ave. NW in Downtown Canton. Hope to see you there!