#Pawpawty! Those Twitter Critters are at it again!

From Brewskie Butt, official spokescat of Art Adventures Studios

Hello All. It’s the Brew! My Twitter Critter friends and I are getting ready to pawty again! This time we are having a #pawpawty with an 80’s theme organized by my good friend @FrugalDougal. You can read all about it at Dougal’s blog. There is also a great article that explains the whole #pawpawty phenomenon here. If you want to pawty with us, or you just want to watch from the sidelines, follow all the action on Tweetgrid!

The Twitter Critters are all donning 80’s attire for the #pawpawty. Here I am dressed up as Brew Springsteen. I am the Boss!

All #pawpawties have a designated animal rescue charity for which they raise money. This time, I am excited to say that the charity for whom we are raising money is very close to my home–Angels for Animals in Canfield, OH! In fact, BZTAT actually visited with Andrea from Angels for Animals today at her studio and donated an artwork for their upcoming silent auction. You can donate to them using the widget on this blog next to this post.

So get yer pawty gear on and let’s PAWTY!

Have a BREW-tiful day!

The Brew

Life is an Adventure!

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