Oscar The Cat: Next in the Twitter Critter Series

From Brewskie Butt, official spokescat of Art Adventures Studios

“Oscar the Cat” by BZTAT

Hi Everybody! It’s the Brew! I thought I would share a painting that my person, BZTAT, has been working on. This is a picture of everybody’s best pal among the Twitter Critters, Oscar! We moved Oscar up the list of those critters who have portraits in process, because Oscar has fallen ill this week, and I wanted to give a special shout out to him.

I met Oscar (known on Twitter as @OscarTheCat) early in my days on Twitter, but it wasn’t until one fateful night that we became best pals. Someone nominated us both for one of those crazy Twitter popularity contests that they have, and he and I both got kinda silly with it. By the end of the night, we were in first and second place! Our friendship was cemented.

Oscar is one cool cat! he is always encouraging other cats and other critters by passing out *nosetaps*, and he has developed a special website just for Cats Who Twitter! Oscar wrote about me on his first “Blogger Tuesday” feature! He also has a blog called The Furry Tripod, so named because of his being a three-pawd cat. He lives with a slightly irreverent younger cat named Henry (known on Twitter as @Quadpawd), to whom he is trying to teach manners and the finer ways of being a cat. It’s a big job, but he takes it in stride.

Oscar developed some kidney problems last week that gave his person quite a scare. I and all of his Twitter pals have been sending well wishes all week. Last night, we posted a Get Well card, and well over 50 folks have already signed it! You can sign the card here, if you like. The posting page only displays the last 25 comments made, but we have saved all of them for Oscar to see.

My person, BZTAT is working on a whole series of photos, drawings and paintings of different critters who blog on Twitter. For those who don’t know, Twitter is a micro-blogging site where you can converse with others around the world in short meaningful statements. Did you know that there were hundreds and thousands of animals who post on Twitter? There are cats, dogs, horses, hamsters, chinchillas, parrots–even a hermit crab! Each one puts up a small photo called an avatar on their Twitter page, and BZTAT finds these avatars to be very inspiring. Some of the critters have given her permission to use their avatars as points of departure for artwork. Oscar’s portrait is the second Twitter Critter artwork that she has completed.

I hope that all our well wishes help Oscar feel better. We love ya pal! Hope you have a Brew-ti-ful day!

The Brew

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