Oct 302010

It took a couple of days, but Okey the Parking Lot Kitty is now Okey the Studio Cat!

Thanks to coaching and equipment from Jill of Cripple Creek Ferals and Friends and the inspiration and support from Dorian of Your Daily Cute, I was able to capture Okey last night and bring him/her inside the studio.

As you can see, Okey is not at all a feral kitty! Once safely inside, Okey has shown that he/she is a loving and socialized cat who seems very grateful to be away from the cold, damp and dangerous outdoors.

Okey and I cannot thank Jill and Dorian enough for their help and support. I prefer to be on the PR end of rescue rather than the “in the trenches” side, so this was a nerve wracking experience for me.

I also cannot thank all of those who have provided financial and moral support for Okey’s rescue (see widget to the left if you are interested in contributing to Okey’s care). We plan to take him/her to One of a Kind Pet Rescue soon to get checked out by a vet and see about any treatments/surgeries that may be indicated.

Once Okey is checked out by the vet, we will start looking for an adoptive home. It is possible that Okey escaped from a loving family who misses him/her, so we will do what we can to see if someone is looking for him/her.

I keep saying him/her, because I am not sure yet if Okey is a he or a she. He/she is keeping the tail firmly between the legs, so it is hard to tell, but at first glance it appears Okey maybe a SHE. We will let the vet make the final determination.

There is one other thanks I need to share. I have been participating in the Nu Campaign with Nulo Pet Food, which my cat Brewskie Butt has been blogging about on his blog Just Meowin’.

Nulo has been providing us with free pet food for several weeks in order to give the food a try. We have been participating to assist my overweight Noah in losing weight as well as to enhance all my cats’ overall health.

With the exception of some tuna (sorry Charley) and some very pungent canned food to entice Okey into the live trap, Okey has been eating Nulo food exclusively. As long as he/she is with me, he/she will continue to do so. Nulo is a premium food that is packed with nutrients and not fillers, and it is perfect for restoring Okey to a healthy weight and overall status.

I think the video above is the best illustration EVER of Nulo’s motto, which is: “nutrition meets love”.

The video below was shot soon after Okey’s rescue. So soon, in fact, that the celebratory text from Auntie Dorian upon hearing of Okey’s rescue appears in the video, which was shot on my iPhone!

Thanks again to all for your support with Okey. I will keep you posted on his/her adventures!

Disclosure: Nulo has generously provided free product and other benefits in exchange for our participation in the Nu Campaign to fight pet obesity. We are happy to be a part of this awareness campaign, however, all of the opinions about the product are mine and not dictated in any way by the company.

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  1. I gotta say… I think my Yayyyyy! was a great way to wrap up that video. It’s definitely the feel of the whole thing! 🙂 How funny.

    Okey is awesome. Clearly. I hope that if someone is missing him dearly, then they find you and him/her and all your efforts will make their day. If not, then I know Okey knows how lucky he/she is to have met you.

    Now time to get your nom on, Okey!

    –Auntie Dorian and Cousins Pimp and Moo 🙂

    • Okey is definitely getting the nom on! I can already see that little belly getting bigger. When the text came thru as I was videotaping, I was a little disappointed, but when I watched it on playback, I realized, that’s purrfect! Thx again for all the support!

  2. AAAAHHH! That is such great news, I was just wondering to myself this morning how things were going with Okey. As one who regularly works “in the trenches” rescuing stray cats from outside, it really is amazing how their personalty can change once they realize they are SAFE and can trust you. We’ve rescued over 70 and I can say from experience it never gets any less nerve wracking, but it is very rewarding. 🙂 Great job to everyone involved!

  3. Oh – dat is very good news. So happy to her Okey is indoors now. Hopefully you can find the owner or a new adoptive family.

    • yes, Mario. I am very happy that Okey is not on the streets anymore and we can look towards finding him/her a furever home.

  4. So good to see Okey getting the noms and lovin he/she needs! Totally made my day!
    Keep up the great work!

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