Oct 262010

Digital Art by BZTAT

The last thing I need is another cat.

I am honestly struggling to keep my studio open, as the rent and bills are getting tougher and tougher to meet. I already have 4 cats. And I am still trying to find a home for Percy and Andy.

But I couldn’t ignore Okey’s need.

I have seen glimpses of Okey for a couple of months now in varying places around downtown Canton. Each time I have seen him I have gotten the shivers, as there is a lot of traffic around here. It is not at all a safe place for a cat.

I discovered Okey’s “lair” on Sunday. He (I am calling him a he but I really am not sure) has taken up residence in a fenced in area around the air conditioning unit at a law firm behind my studio. He has made himself a bed out of newspapers and leaves underneath the AC.

He is very gaunt and emaciated. Some friends who are experienced at cat rescues are coaching me on how to gain his trust. We plan to “rescue” him this weekend and bring him inside the studio. We plan to get him to a vet and get some meat on his bones once he is able to meet the challenges. He is already gobbling down the noms I bring him twice a day.

I am not one to easily ask for money, but if I am going to get Okey properly cared for and ready for adoption, I will need help. If you would like to contribute to his care, you can donate through the Chip-in widget in the side-bar on the left. Please note that this is not a tax deductible donation. It is simply a goodwill gesture towards helping  Okey’s rescuers get him the care that he needs.

You can also purchase a print of the image of  Okey above through my Imagekind gallery, which will help me keep my studio in operation.

Prints are a less expensive way of purchasing artwork. Check out the other images in the gallery. You just might find some great holiday gifts!

I thank you for any support you can offer. I will keep you posted on Okey’s progress.

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  1. Awww, what a sweet face. Bless you for trying to help him/she. HUGS for you. I know it has to be tough trying to stay in business. So many people hurting these days and no extra money for the “extras in life.” I will go donate a little- not much – but if everyone donates just a little, it adds up.

  2. God bless you for helping Okey! Hopefully his rescue goes smoothly.

  3. Thanks for helping the little guy/gal out! Great to see such goodwill! Every little bit counts!

  4. I just love his face… I’m officially Team Okey.

  5. Hey – I “chipped in” ten bucks for Okey – and I challenge others to do this as well. What do ya think?

  6. I found you’re post for Okey on missing cat assistance, I have a missing cat alfie, she has been missing for 6 months now, I pray someone is being so kind to her, until i can find her and bring her home, Bless You ! I made a donation for Okey. Please let us know how everything turns out. Sandy

    • Oh, I am so sorry to hear about your Alfie. I hope that she has been found and is being well taken care of. It must be horrible not knowing. Thank you so much for your donation. It means a lot.Life is an Adventure!BZTATVicki BoatrightBZTAT Studioshttp://www.bztat.com“Sometimes I see it and then paint it. Other times I paint it and then see it.” Jasper Johns

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