Ode to a Friend

Digital Art by BZTAT

If you follow me on Foursquare, you know that Second April Galerie is one of the places I visit the most. I visit there so often, they allow me to have UPS and FedEx delivered there, since there is always someone around for pick-up.

Second April is right around the corner from me in the Canton Arts District, and they have a nice, comfy coffee bar. There are always interesting folks hanging out, engaging in interesting conversation. And the artisitic environment is stunningly magical.

Oh yeah. And there’s Brennis and Todd.

Co-owners of Second April, B&T are two of the sweetest, funnest, most charming and hysterically funny guys I have ever met.

Truth be told, B&T gave me the opportunity to stretch my creative muscles so that I could eventually become a full time professional artist. They are my pals, my delivery guys, and my inspiration.

Brennis as a fortune teller for Halloween

The day before I left for Las Vegas, Brennis was rushed to the Emergency Room with chest pains. Several tests revealed that he had suffered a mild heart attack. He had open heart surgery soon after and he is now recovering at home from the ordeal. He is doing well, but it is a slow process.

The hardest part is that Brennis has no health insurance. As you can imagine, the bills are adding up. His friends are many, and they are doing what they can to raise funds for him. I agreed to post a ChipIn for him. You are welcome to donate if you would like.

Thanks to the “Brennis Bunch”, a group of friends who pitched in, Second April remained open every business day during the crisis. That’s the kind of comraderie we have here in the Canton Arts District. It is truly a supportive arts community on many levels.

Now you know why I love it here so much!

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