News Flash from Brewskie Butt! Pet Portrait Discounts for The Brew's Posse!

From Brewskie Butt, official spokescat of Art Adventures Studios

This just in…

My person, BZTAT, has been so happy with all my hard work as her Spokescat, she has decided to make a special offer to all my friends! Through the month of March 2009, she will give a 15% discount on all custom pet portraits to anyone in Brewskie’s Posse, ie: anyone who is a follower on Twitter, Facebook or This blog, “The Buzz from BZTAT!” Offer applies to drawings, prints, digital photos, and paintings, and is available to followers of Brewskie Butt or BZTAT.

BZTAT works from photos, and likes to photograph the animal herself, if possible (local to Canton, Ohio area), but will work from your photos as well. Prices are very reasonable without the discount and are based upon the size of the piece, the surface and media, and difficulty of the image (multiple pets in one painting add difficulty). Shipping costs are extra. Payment in advance is required. Portraits generally take 2-3 weeks to complete depending on difficulty and waiting list.

Are you interested?

Email BZTAT at with “Brewskie’s Posse” in the subject line. Let us know how we know you in the email. We look forward to hearing from you!!!

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Hope you have a Brew-ti-ful day!

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