May 102010
Black Cat on Checkerboard

Artwork by BZTAT

I am no computer wiz, and on an artist’s budget, you have to do a lot of things for yourself. So it has taken me awhile to make it possible to purchase artwork directly off my website.

I have now developed some galleries with original paintings available for purchase, and you can purchase them directly from the galleries. I hope that you like them!

I have been told that my artwork makes great gifts for pet lovers. It also is great for decorating doctor’s offices, veterinarian’s offices, children’s rooms, and other family friendly spaces.

Stay tuned as I continue to develop new galleries with artwork that you can purchase if you desire, or just enjoy perusing.

Update: I have been told that some browsers are not picking up the links to purchasing pages. If your browser is one of them, please let me know in the comments. We are working to get it fixed. Thanks!

Life is an Adventure!


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  1. hey Bztat love the new gallery pages, smashing idea. The purchase button does not work on Safari as a browser or on Firefox.
    We get a Error 404 – Not Found

    Sorry, the page that you are looking for does not exist.
    Message, hope that helps & good luck with the gallery!

  2. Thx Dougal! I made some adjustments and hope it is working properly now!

  3. Thx Dougal! I made some adjustments and hope it is working properly now!

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