My Annual Sojourn to BlogPaws

Chihuahua mix dog named Toby
Toby – My Doggie Pal at BlogPaws

Every year, I make at least one trip far away from home. That trip is to whatever location in the country the BlogPaws Conference has found itself.

This year that location was Tysons Corner, VA, the same location from 2011 where we happened to be when Hurricane Irene rolled through.

No hurricanes came through this time, thank goodness, although there was plenty of reminiscing about the craziness of that year’s event.

BlogPaws Teri Thorsteinson and her Cornish Rex Cat Brighton
Teri Thorsteinson and her Cornish Rex Cat Brighton

I go to BlogPaws for a number of reasons. I meet new people who help me spread my network and potential customer base for my pet themed artwork. I learn new things about blogging and social media. I get SEO and other tech questions answered.

But mostly, I have more fun than any other time of the year with some of the greatest people (and pets) EVER!

Pet bloggers at BlogPaws

I have fun with these same people every day, but it is in the virtual world of social media, as they all live far away from me. When we can get together in real life, we try to pack as much fun as we can into every minute, because the conference only lasts 3 days.

BZTAT and Dorian Wagner of Your Daily Cute
With Dorian Wagner of Your Daily Cute

For past conferences, I went with responsibilities: In Columbus (2010), I was part of the organizing team and coordinated an art auction; in Denver (2010), I created a Dialogues Mural that was a centerpiece for the conference;  in 2011, I presented with Miah Thornton about Okey’s Promise: Art for a Cause; and in 2012, I was sponsored by Temptations and represented their brand.

Traveling with Henry J. Puppypants, Spokesdog for Embrace Pet Insurance at BlogPaws 2013
Traveling with Henry J. Puppypants, Spokesdog for Embrace Pet Insurance at BlogPaws 2013

This year, however, I won second place in a photo caption contest, meaning that BlogPaws covered my registration and room, and my friends at Embrace Pet Insurance covered my travel. Thanks BlogPaws and Embrace!

With no responsibilities, I was able to simply learn, network, and have fun. And that I did!

Rocco Havanese and Diane Silver
Rocco Havanese and Diane Silver

I spent lots of time with feline, canine and human friends, and I also made a few helpful networking connections along the way.

Great Cat Writer Ladies
Great Cat Writer Ladies

It all ended too soon. But…

I look forward to guest posting for some great blog sites in the future. I look forward to joining the Cat Writers’ Association. I look forward to creating artworks for new friends. And I look forward to many other opportunities that are likely to arise in the future.

Oh yeah. And I am already making plans for next year’s BlogPaws Conference. Are you? 🙂


  1. What a nice post! Seeing you (and your art) at BlogPaws is one of the hightlights of the conference for me, and I am sooo glad we got to spend quite a bit of time together! That’s a great photo of my Brighton and I’d love to use in on my own BlogPaws post…which I am working on now!

    • bztat says:

      We have a mutual admiration society here, Teri. Seeing you and your cats is one of the highlights for me at every BlogPaws. It was great spending time with you this time and I look forward to next year! Feel free to use the photo!

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