"Lou Mama's Boy" First of the Twitter Critter Series

From Brewskie Butt, official spokescat of Art Adventures Studios

Hi Everybody! It’s the Brew! I thought I would share a picture that my person, BZTAT, has been working on. It’s a picture of Lou, who is one of my favorite Twitter Critter friends.

“Lou, Mama’s Boy” digital photo

Lou is the most smiling guy I have ever met! He has taught me that I don’t have to be afraid of dogs, at least not when I talk to them through Twitter and Facebook. Lou lives with his adopted sister Pebble in Arizona. He has his own blog Lou Mama’s Boy and he is very active on Facebook and Twitter.

My person, BZTAT is working on a whole series of photos, drawings and paintings of different critters who blog on Twitter. For those who don’t know, Twitter is a micro-blogging site where you can converse with others around the world in short meaningful statements. Did you know that there were hundreds and thousands of animals who post on Twitter? There are cats, dogs, horses, hamsters, chinchillas, parrots–even a hermit crab! Each one puts up a small photo called an avatar on their Twitter page, and BZTAT finds these avatars to be very inspiring. Some of the critters have given her permission to use their avatars as points of departure for artwork. Lou’s is the first one that she has completed. She is also in the process of making a painting of one of my sweethearts, Madamoiselle Chloe. Purrrrrrr…..She is a very fine kitty!

Next up in the Twitter Critter series include: Monkey Cat (another fine and purrrrty girl kitty!); Pebbles, Lou’s sister; India, a real Bengal Tiger; and many others.

Hope you have a Brew-ti-ful day!

The Brew

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