Aug 232012
Buff cat in front of Brewskie Butt painting

Studio cat in front of Brewskie Butt painting by BZTAT

There are hundreds and thousands and perhaps millions of homeless cats in the world. I know my limits. I may not be able to help even a fraction of them, as much as I would like to.

But certain cats march into your life and demand attention, and you simply cannot ignore them.

I have no name yet for this cat. I am a firm believer that cats earn their names, so I am willing to let this one tell its story before a name is granted.

Here is the story so far, as I know it.

As I was preparing for a late night of painting last night, a fellow artist arrived at my studio door at 10:15 pm. Somewhat flustered, she explained that a cat had presented itself outside her studio a few doors down, and with a bit of coaxing, had walked inside. She knew that I was an animal advocate and had done some cat rescue, and she asked for my assistance in helping her with the small creature.

I knew I was better equipped to manage a cat than my friend was, so I brought it to my studio, gave it some food and water and set up a litter box. This cat is very thin and crawling with fleas, but it is also a very friendly and seeking love. Without hesitation it crawled into my lap and fell asleep. And despite its tendency to move around a lot (I suspect because of the fleas) it has a very calm sort of presence about it.

The cat meows quietly now and then, but in a sort of sweet way.

I have 5 cats, which is really 2 too many, so 6 is not really an option. But I think I can help get this creature to a home that will be blessed with its presence.

Will you help me?


The cat has a home and new furrever pal!

Heath, who is a Kent State art student and new resident of the arts district has adopted her! Yay Heath!

Adopted ginger cat

Heath and his new purring pal!

It was love at first mew! Heath is on a student’s budget, so I might do a bit of  fund raising for him to offset veterinary costs. But for right now, let’s just celebrate that two souls needing some love found each other on the Canton Arts District!

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  1. Good luck! You’ve got one more than me now!

  2. Looks like a real sweetie! Hope you’re able to place your new pal soon!

  3. Poor little thing looking for someone to love. I hope you can find this kitty a home.

    • You are so right Texas. This little cat has a lotta love in a small body and is really wanting to share it with a special someone!

  4. What a sweet thing. I hope the kitten is blessed with a good home. So much love in one little body eh?

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