Last Chance Okey's October Auctions!

See all the “Okey’ October” artworks!

“She Always makes Me Smile :)” Drawing by BZTAT  (Bid until 11/1/11)

"Don't Cross My Path!" Drawing by BZTAT (Bid until 11/2/11)

"Walk?" Drawing by BZTAT (Bid until 11/2/11)
"It's a Doxie Kind of Day" Drawing by BZTAT (Bid until 11/2/11)


"Maine Coon Magic" Drawing by BZTAT (Bid until 11/2/11)
The Okey’s October daily artwork promotion to raise money for my latest Okey’s Promise: Celebrating the Human – Animal Bond project is complete, however, there are still some auctions running. Yesterday’s auction will be active until tonight (11/1/11) at 10pm ET, and I have reopened bids until Wednesday, Wed. 11/2/11 at 10pm ET on the few artworks that did not receive bids by the deadline. Those include works from the following dates: 10/28/11, 10/27/11, 10/25/11, and 10/11/11.

Don’t forget, everyone who bids on one of the Okey’s October artworks here on the blog (during the announced bidding time frames) will be entered into a contest for a free artwork! You don’t have to win a bid, just make a bid. All bidders will be entered into a random drawing for a special artwork, which will be selected and announced the day after the end of all auctions.

Thanks for following and bidding on the auctions! And thanks to you, we have raised over $2,000 for Okey’s Promise! Remember, you can donate to the project without participating in an auction by using the ChipIn widget in the right sidebar.