It's time for a Spring Create-a-thon!

Snapdragon painting by BZTAT
“Snapdragon” painting by BZTAT

It’s Spring and the weather in Ohio has been fabulous! If you know anything about Ohio, you know that FABULOUS is rarely a word used to describe the weather. To celebrate our great fortune, I am going to have a Spring Create-a-thon tomorrow (Friday, May 10)!

What is a Create-a-thon? A Create-a-thon is an event where I create artworks in my studio for 12 hours (9 am – 9 pm) and make them available for auction the following day. The works created during the Create-a-thon will be auctioned to raise money for my annual trip to BlogPaws, the best pet blogging event in the world, and my cats’ ongoing veterinary costs.

I was lucky to win a contest that covers my registration and room for the conference, and Embrace Pet Insurance is helping me with the travel. But there are always other expenses. Also, Slick has another vet visit when I return, so some extra cash for that will also be helpful.

Some of the artworks will be paintings, some drawings, and maybe a surprise or two.

Be watching my posts on Facebook and Twitter to see the works in progress throughout the day, and be ready to bid on Saturday!

By the way, if you have artwork currently on order, or you plan to attend the BlogPaws conference, there will be no shipping costs for any artwork you purchase from the Create-a-thon. I will either include it with your existing order free of charge, or I will deliver it to you at BlogPaws. These will all be artworks that can fit in a suitcase!

Happy bidding!