“I wish I could paint my pet’s portrait but I am no artist.”

Hathaway Brown Middle School Pet Portrait Painting Class
Hathaway Brown MS Pet Portrait Painting Class 2013

I hear those words a lot, or words similar to them.

I get it. You wish you were an artist, but you gave up the belief that you could be one when you were a kid.

Everyone has creativity within them, but truthfully, only a few have the combination of talent, skill and tenacity to bring it forth as persisting vocation.

You don’t have to make art your vocation, however, to create an artwork that you can display with pride. With professional guidance, pretty much anyone who has the desire can create a worthy artwork.

My first pet portrait painting workshop was with a group of middle school students. We met for an hour and a half each day for 5 days of a summer camp, and I guided them with my techniques to create some stunning artworks. Afterwords, I though, if middle school students could do this, why not try it with adults?

Instead of doing it as an extended class, I decided to do it in a workshop “Mini-Retreat” format. My first Pet Portrait Mini-Retreat debuted in October of 2014 and was a huge success, as were subsequent workshops. Participants have been amazed at their creations as they learn my techniques and colorful methods!

Although 6 hours of creativity is intensive, my studio is a relaxing environment, and it is a casual affair. There is no pressure, and participants enjoy creating with new and old friends. Groups of friends have registered and come together, and individual students have come and met new friends. All have had a great time!

You can see a slideshow of student work on the registration page for the next workshop, which is happening on April 25, 2015. Register before April 15, and get $15 off the regular price.

I would love to help you bring your creativity to the fore to honor that special pet who has captured your heart. I hope to see you on the 25th!

Life is an Adventure!