Aug 292010
Sam and Portrait

Dat Dawg Sam with his painted portrait

I never met Sam in person (or in paw-son, as it may be). I have met his human staff twice when she came to Columbus, OH for trade shows this year and last. We have become great friends, despite the distance between Ohio and her home in San Diego.

I felt as though I knew Sam from following his feline brother’s adventures on Twitter (@PerrytheBirman).Perry always referred to him as “Dat Dawg Sam” on Twitter, often in unflattering terms. Nonetheless, you could tell the cat loved the dog despite himself.

I also painted Sam’s portrait last year. Spending many hours painting an animal endears you to the creature in a way that I cannot describe.

So when I learned of his passing this past Wednesday, I wept. I wept for the loss that I knew my human friend was experiencing, and I wept from feeling my own sense of loss.

That happens to me when animals who become a part of my artistic menagerie go to the Rainbow Bridge.

Sam came to live with my friend and her husband and Perry when his previous owner succumbed to cancer a few years ago. He suffered from various neurological symptoms and Cushing’s Disease that finally got the best of him. he had many challenges in his last year of life but still managed to give lots of love to his human family.

My friend shared with me that the portrait I painted last year has helped her and her husband through their grief. Seeing an image of him when he had the spark of life before he became ill has had a healing effect.

I am so happy that I could be a part of helping them through such a hard time.

I know your family will miss you horribly, Sam. I will too.

Keep things smiling there at the Rainbow Bridge, OK?

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  1. I feel the same way about the pets I have come to know through their people sharing pictures on social media. My laptop has files of family pictures that include cats, dogs and horses. I still think about and miss some of those I came to know well and hope as much for the chance to see them again in the life after this one as I do for the humans I have lost.

  2. It is so sweet to get to know them from afar, yet as hard to lose them as it is your own, isn’t it Robyn?

  3. Dat is a bootiful painting of dear Sam, and I’m sure his oomans will treasure it forever. You has bootiful art work and I’m so happy you paint-athon went so well.

  4. i never did meet dat dawg Sam efur – but i feels i nose him thru hiz brofur @perrythebirman. i misses him too. fanks fur sharing. xoxo BJC

  5. deepest sympathy to Sam’s family and to you…hugs

  6. Hard to lose him, huh BJ.

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