I Love My Bike! An Ode to Childhood

Spider Bike - digital painting by BZTAT
“I Love My Bike” digital painting by BZTAT

When I was a child, I lived in the rural outskirts of Liberty, MO, a suburb of Kansas City. My family was not wealthy, and we didn’t have all the latest toys, but I did have a spider bike, and it was the best!

I lived for 3 things back then: 1) playing with our dogs and cats; 2) drawing and painting; and 3) riding my bike. I was a shy and somewhat lonely child, so I would ride and ride, and create all sorts of stories and imaginings along the way.

My bike is an image still very prominent in my mind, although history surely has colored the memory and given it a rich patina. I look back with fondness as I recall it with creative and joyful reminiscence.

Second April Galerie Toy ShowMy friend Brennis Booth, co-owner of the Second April Galerie down the street from my studio in the Creative Ohio Gallery, asked me to participate in a special exhibit in his gallery.

He asked a group of artists to create an artwork inspired by their favorite toy as a child. Without hesitation, I knew I had to create something about my bike.

Second April Galerie Toy Show

Other artists created works about other favorite toys that I remember from my youth as well. You can see the whole show at Second April starting Black Friday (11/23/12) throughout the month of December.