Happy Thanksgiving!

Artwork by BZTAT
Artwork by BZTAT

What will you be doing for Thanksgiving? Most of us in the United States celebrate this day by eating lots of great food, spending time with family and friends, and reminiscing about various family traditions.

My day will be low key. I will spend it with my mother, who lives in a nursing home.

No big dinner, just your average nursing home dinner and perhaps some turkey and pumpkin pie thrown in.

And that is fine with me.

Sometimes it is the simple things that matter.

My mother created the fabric that has woven the mysterious threads of my life, and I am grateful to her for that. I will cherish the time that I spend with her on this great day.

And then it is on to Black Friday…

If you are like me, you would prefer to avoid the crowds at the box stores during the holiday rush. I  like to shop at a local galleries (My favorite is Second April Galerie) or buy holiday gifts online.

My new site here has all kinds of interesting gift ideas. Check them out if you are interested! There are plenty of original artworks available in the galleries and lots of merch in my Cafe Press and Zazzle stores.

I will be adding new things and posting about them here as we move into the holiday season.

I hope that you have a safe and satisfying holiday. May your day be filled with love and adventure!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Life is an Adventure!