Downtown Cats Mural: Two Cats Done, Two to Go!

Downtown Cats Mural
Mock-up Design for Downtown Cats Mural

I guess it is  time for an update on the development of the Downtown Cats Mural. It has been coming along, and we are now in the home stretch! Two of the cats have been painted, and much of the background work has been done. The other two cats should be completed in the next week or so.

When I first wrote about this mural commission, I was a bit nervous, as I had never done an artwork of this size and scale before. Now that it is nearing completion, I am feeling strong and thinking, “What’s the next big thing”?

The project has taken several months, partly because the funding came in stages and partly because I have worked on it alongside other projects. You can see the various stages of the mural’s development by viewing the slide show below.

In case you do not already know, the photos in the slide show of my window “supervisor” are of Brewskie Butt, my beloved feline and very active spokescat. Brewskie and my other three cats are featured in the mural.

The “Downtown Cats” mural will be placed on the building currently occupied by HEAP in Downtown Canton, OH towards the end of next month (July 2010).  it is my hope that we will have it up in time for the annual Football Hall of Fame festivities. The building at 201 5th St. NW is in the heart of the Canton Arts District next to the historic Joseph Saxton Gallery of Photography.

I am very grateful to Tim Belden and the Timothy S. Belden Charitable Fund for commissioning the mural and for being such a solid supporter of the Canton Arts District. Tim is the genius behind the Joseph Saxton Gallery of Photography, which has brought world class photography to Canton. I am also very grateful to Robb Hankins of ArtsInStark, the County Arts Council, for his support in developing this project, and to the Canton Development Partnership for their support.

Stay tuned. There’s more to come!

Are you interested in commissioning a mural by BZTAT? Please contact me and let’s talk!

Life is an Adventure!