Jul 022012

Gallery rennovation

My mother was one to move furniture – a lot.

Whenever she got bored with her life, which seems to have happened on a regular basis, she would take up a new hobby, and move the furniture.

I inherited this tendency from her. I too like to refresh and recreate things in my life.

As the director of the Creative Ohio Gallery in Canton, OH, I have the opportunity to change things around often in a creative way. The gallery has new art and new displays changing all the time.

We are in the process of going from two storefront spaces to one, so the gallery is getting a complete redesign. Not only are we reducing space, we are also changing our focus to becoming a place to create, as opposed to simply an exhibition space. We will still exhibit art and craft items, but we will also have a studio area for artists to create.

So we will be doing more with less space, and become a more creative and interactive space.And it will be fun!

At the moment it looks like the photo above. But I have the resilience and tenacity genes from my mother, so by Friday, it will be totally transformed.  I have a big project planed for this coming First Friday. If you are in town, come join me.

Or you could come and help me move furniture…

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  1. My husband is one to move the furniture around. I, however, don’t like to. Since it causes me so much anxiety, he has taken to asking me first before he changes things. I’ve loosened up a little and try to be open minded. But he knows to keep his hands off my office!

  2. I think our moms were related–in fact, I think our families were related.

    Hope everything goes well for Friday!

  3. The only time furniture gets moved is if a new piece comes in. But I really do need to organize.

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