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Gratitude: Thanks to all for the "Downtown Cats" love!

The “Downtown Cats” mural is now an official and permanent part of the Canton Arts District’s growing collection of public art!

Thanks to the Canton and Stark County community for coming out last Friday to celebrate with me as we dedicated the mural. And thanks to those who tuned in around the world via the USTREAM broadcast.

We had so much fun, and we had a great night for animal rescue!

Pets found new families, and families found new best friends. Many donations were raised for Friends of Stark Pound and Second Chance for Animals, and many people learned about the great work these two organizations do to help homeless pets.

The mural was dedicated to homeless pets and people around the globe who work tirelessly to support them and find them homes. I thank each and every one of you for the work that you do and the love that you share with animals in need.

If you missed the Dedication, you can watch the entire event on the video above.

The four cats featured in the mural, Noah, Slick, Who, and Brewskie Butt, easily could have found the same fate that many animals do when they do not find homes, which is euthanasia. I am SOOOO glad that they did not find that fate, as they have become my muses and my lovable companions, and I could not bear life without them.

I want to send special thanks to Tim Belden, owner of the Joseph Saxton Gallery of Photography, who commissioned the mural. Thank you, Tim, for letting me use your wall as a canvas, for supporting my vision and my art, and for recognizing that the “depth of love” for animals is a worthy inspiration for fine art. I cannot thank you enough for all your support to me and to all of the artists working in the Canton Arts District.

I also want to send special thanks to Robb Hankins, CEO of ArtsinStark, for all of his personal support to me, and for all that he has done to promote the arts in Stark County, OH. Robb can wear a suit and convince people in high places that supporting the arts is good business, an he can dress up as a clown to lead a First Friday Street Parade, all within minutes of each other. Just before donning the goofy get-up you see in the video above, he was in a tux at the Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinees Dinner.

Five years ago, Robb and I had lunch, and he told me, “Vicki, you need to get your art into the pet products business. People who love cats are going to love your cat art, and they will BUY it.”

I listened. Thanks Robb.

The video you see below is some pre-Dedication interviews and some meet and greet with the animals. If you see a pet that interests you, contact me and I will see if it is possible to get the animal to you. There are not guarantees for transporting them, but anything is possible.

Thanks for the love — for animals and for art!

BZTAT Murals: Have Paintbrush, Will Travel!

Downtown Cats Mural
"Downtown Cats" Mural by BZTAT in Canton, OH

Now that the “Downtown Cats” mural is complete, I am thinking about the next big thing…

Would you like a BZTAT mural in your town? In your home or business or favorite community spot?

Do you know a company or organization that would be interested in sponsoring an interior or exterior mural in your community?

It could happen. I am willing to travel to different locations to create murals for interior and exterior spaces. Have paintbrush, will travel!

My murals feature brightly colored images that can add interest and energy to community environments, corporate venues, residential spaces, etc.  As with the “Downtown Cats” mural in Canton, OH, my murals can be  part of the revitalization of a downtown or other city area, complimenting an overall community development plan.

Or they could be part of a more personal renovation in your home, adding color and energy to your living spaces.

Murals can be painted on actual structural surfaces or can be painted onto wood or other materials to attach to a permanent structure. (My preference is to do the latter, because it can be done in the studio rather than on location, and because the piece can be moved should the structure be altered after the mural is complete.)

My specialty is pet oriented imagery, however, I also paint a variety of other subjects. Images are custom designs, utilizing my unique style and images. I will create designs specifically to enhance the environment selected.

Some possible uses for a BZTAT mural:

  • Enhancement of community spaces where people gather for events, shopping, entertainment, etc.
  • Revitalization of downtown and other city areas in Special Improvement Districts or other community development plans.
  • Decorating corporate buildings or corporate sponsorship of community art projects.
  • Bringing awareness to issues and concerns facing communities and special populations.
  • Decorating hospital spaces, particularly children’s hospitals.
  • Decorating veterinarian’s offices, doctor’s offices, etc.
  • Decorating children’s rooms and other residential spaces.
  • Creating interest for pet oriented brands, pet product companies, etc. (Please note that I only paint my own designs and do not replicate existing logos or other artists’ images. Sponsoring a BZTAT custom artwork, however, can bring considerable attention to your brand.)

Pricing varies according to size, complexity, surface, location, and a variety of other factors. Contact me for an estimate for your mural project.

You could be the next big thing on BZTAT’s schedule!

Make sure to attend the Dedication of the “Downtown Cats” mural on August 6 at 7:30 pm, either in Canton, OH or via USTREAM live broadcast online! Register via the Facebook Event Page or Twitter Twtvite!

Dialogues Murals by BZTAT: Want to Make Art A Part of Your Event?

Alzheimer's Association Mural
Dialogues Mural by BZTAT

I am most known for my animal artwork and custom pet portraits. I do a lot of other kinds of artwork, however.

Dialogues Murals are commissioned artworks that I do for organizations, companies, conferences, etc. to artistically render the energy of an event or activity.

Have you ever been to a conference or some public celebration and thought, “Oh, if there was just some way that we could keep this energy going!” ? Well, there is a way to keep it going.

Commissioning a Dialogues Mural by BZTAT means that I will: 1) attend your event, 2) create an artwork encompassing your event’s theme on site, 3) interact with participants and encourage them to incorporate their thoughts into the artwork, and 4) provide you with a completed professional artwork for prominent public display.

A Dialogues Mural keeps the energy, inspiration and dialog going well after the event has concluded. Additionally, having an interactive artwork as part of your event creates a memorable attraction that lives on in the hearts of participants.

The mural pictured above was commissioned by Goodwill Community Campus in Canton, OH for the Alzheimer’s Association located at their facility. The messages collaged into the background of the mural were created by staff and participants of the organization’s services.

Alzheimer's Mural close-up

Alzheimer's Mural close-up

Alzheimer's Association Mural close-up

Although the messages incorporated into the background were done by participants almost a year ago, the thoughts and ideas will continue to inspire for many generations.

You can see more Dialogues Murals here and read more about them.

Would you like to have a Dialogues Mural as part of your event? Contact me and let’s start a dialog.