Sale on Premiere Contemporary Custom Pet Portrait Paintings by BZTAT!

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Jul 112016

Yellow Tabby Cat Portrait Painting by Artist BZTATCustom pet portraits make wonderful gifts for people who love their animals as part of the family. They also make great gifts that you give to yourself!

The portrait here of a cat named Orbit was commissioned by his loving human companion. Knowing that he is aging, she wanted to have a piece of art that celebrated the love that they share. (Read more about Orbit’s portrait here.)

If you have been thinking about commissioning a portrait of your own pet, or were thinking of getting a portrait as a gift for someone else, now is the time to do it. If you order a Premiere Contemporary Custom Pet Portrait Painting by 7/15/16, you can take 15% off the regular price.

It’s not too early to be thinking about gifts for the winter holidays or upcoming birthdays or other special events. Ordering early ensures that the artwork will be completed in time for your gift giving needs.

collectible contemporary custom pet portrait paintings by BZTATShipping costs still apply. Orders must be paid in advance. Simply contact me via the form on the Premiere Contemporary Custom Pet Portrait Painting page to order or get more information.

If a Premiere Contemporary Custom Pet Portrait Painting is not for you, I have 3 other styles of portraits that fit with different budgets. Perhaps a Contemporary Folk Art Pet Portrait Painting, a Contemporary Pet Portrait Drawing, or a Contemporary Custom Digital Pet Portrait is more your style. (Sale only applies to the Premiere style.)

Whatever fits your style, I look forward to creating an artwork of a special pet for you!

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Portrait Painting of Orbit the Ambassador Cat

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Jul 062016

Yellow Tabby Cat Portrait Painting by Artist BZTATOrbit is a special cat.

According to his person, “He is mellow and friendly to every person and animal he meets. He’s like the ambassador.” He offers support when his person feels down, and he allows her to carry him around.

“Since he was a kitten it’s been our morning ritual. I pick him up and he puts his paws around my neck, and I carry him around while I open up the house. It’s how I’ve started every day for the last 16 years! He has all this fuzzy belly fur that looks like whipped cream, and he’s still soft as a kitten.”

Orbit is 17 years old, and he has developed kidney disease. Wanting to treasure every moment they have left together, his person commissioned a portrait of him.

Painting a portrait of a cat who shares such a special relationship with his human companion is such a gratifying experience. Although the commission came from online contact, I feel as though I know them both. There is a deep soulfulness in painting an animal’s portrait, and that connection is real, even if we have not met face to face.

I hope that Orbit and his person have many days ahead together. I will treasure the moments that I shared with them in creating an artwork that celebrates their love.

Life is an Adventure!


Interested in getting a portrait of your pet? Learn about commissioning a portrait of your pet here!

Pet Portrait of Keegan – A Story of Hope

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May 242016
Orange Cat Contemporary Folk Art Pet Portrait Painting by Artist BZTAT

Painting by Artist BZTAT


Things were not going very well for Keegan.

First, the orange cat’s owners moved away and left him behind. Luckily he had a neighbor who fed him and checked on him as he roamed his neighborhood. One day, however, he showed up with severe burns all over his head. Poor guy!

That is when his luck started to change. Keegan was taken to Good Karma Pet Rescue of South Florida, where a veterinarian tended to his burns, and a team of volunteers gave him much love and care. He is still recovering, but he is doing well.

Keegan had mange, leading the veterinarian to believe that his burns were due to a chemical that someone had applied to treat his skin condition. Because of the burns, he lost most of his fur on his face and neck. Eventually, he should have a full fluff around his neck again.

A donor and volunteer for Good Karma Pet Rescue commissioned me to paint a pet portrait of Keegan to be placed in the rescue’s new adoption room/cat cafe. Keegan will soon go on to a forever home (yay!), but his pet portrait will remain for all see and to remember the great work that is done there for cats. The pet portrait was painted in my Contemporary Folk Art Style.

Good Karma Pet Rescue is an amazing organization that rescues animals from challenging circumstances in the Fort Lauderdale, FL area. Learn more about their great rescue work by following their Facebook page. You can also send donations here.

I am so glad that they shared some of their “good karma” with Keegan, and many other animals in need!

I offer discounts to those interested in donating artwork to animal rescue organizations. Contact me if you would like to learn more about the process of purchasing art for donations.

Life is an Adventure!