BZTAT's Ice Adventure! Canton First Friday Ice-O-Rama

The planning for the ice sculpture is coming along! I have been watching You Tube videos of ice sculptors at work, so I am starting to get the idea of how these things are done. An idea. That’s it–an idea. Doing it for real, I am certain, is going to be a whole different matter.

I also have accumulated an assortment of tools. Yes, I have even procured a chainsaw. I am not certain I will use it, but I am getting some encouragement from folks who think I should give it a try. Crazy me, I have frozen a mini ice block in my freezer, and I hope to practice a bit before the event.

I have developed a design of a cat that has a decent silhouette profile, if I go the chainsaw route, but also can be chiseled into a relief sculpture if I opt out of the chainsaw approach. We shall see which direction I go. I have been envisioning a cat shape trapped in a 20″ X 40″ X 9.5″ block of ice, waiting for me to free it and allow it to come alive.

Watching the videos has given me great respect for ice artists. I am sure that my very primitive design will in no way come close to the mastery of some of these ice wizards. But it is fun to give something like this a try!

I hope that you will come out to the Canton First Friday Ice-O-Rama to see me and other artists at work! Stop in and see all the galleries and studios and enjoy dinner at one of the fine downtown restaurants. Downtown Canton–It’s a happening place!

Life is an Adventure!

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