Brewskie Butt the Superstar

Well, I gotta hand it, er, paw it, to my mischievous little feline. He has really been getting the buzz! His last blog about his Twitter buddy Lou really was the sensation among the Twitter Critters. Lou was beside himself with joy! See Lou’s blog: Lou Mama’s Boy. Yesterday, Brewskie crossed the the threshold of 1,000 followers on Twitter, and today he is featured on the Cats Who Twitter blog site! He is turning out to be quite a good spokescat for Art Adventures Studios, I must say.

Brewskie has his own fan page on Facebook, if you’d like to join, and he also has his own product line on Cafe Press.

Needless to say, we have some major ego management issues going on in our home. Slick is not at all amused at Brewskie’s DJ efforts at, and she is thinking someone should put a knot in his tail. Who and Noah, though, are quite proud of him, and are strutting with him to Eye of the Tiger. Slick just wishes that they would all go away and leave her alone. She did partake in the celebratory Tuna that we all had last night, however.

Life is always an Adventure with the Brew around! Congrats on all your success, my little guy.

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