Brewskie Butt "Obomiconned"

BZTAT and her charming little spokescat Brewskie Butt couldn’t resist the latest internet craze–Obomicons! Anyone can create an Obomicon at Obomicon.Me. Simply upload a photo to the website, and you end up with an image in the style inspired by Shepard Fairey’s iconic Obama poster. What fun! Brewskie’s positing of his Obomicon on Twitter led to a pick up on Openzap, where his Twitter friends voted him as the number one cool link of the day! His pal Oscar the Cat was not far behind.

Brewskie is the ultimate “Cate for Change”. He and BZTAT celebrate the inauguration of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States as they look forward to the new presidency with hope and optimism.

Life is an Adventure!

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