BlogPaws West: Your Chance To Pawticipate in Creating A BZTAT Mural!

BZTATBlogPaws West, the second conference this year put on by the great BlogPaws Team, is less than 2 weeks away.

And guess what? I am not only going to be there, I am going to be creating an artwork during the conference in collaboration with all of the attendees!

BlogPaws has commissioned me to create a Dialogues Mural as part of the BlogPaws West Conference in Denver, CO September 9-11, 2010.

A Dialogues Mural is a public artwork that I create on-site at an event with the help of event participants. Participants are encouraged to scribe their thoughts, ideas, reflections, drawings, etc. about the event’s theme, which I then incorporate into the mural using collage techniques.

A Dialogues Mural keeps the energy, inspiration and dialog going well after an event has concluded. Additionally, having an interactive artwork as part of an event creates a memorable attraction that lives on in the hearts of participants.

The theme for the BlogPaws mural is Hand to Hand – Paw to Paw: Celebrating the Worldwide Community of Pet Lovers.

I am very excited about creating the BlogPaws mural, as the organization and it’s purposes are very near and dear to my heart.  I will get a chance to create an artwork with some of the most influential writers and entrepreneurs in the online pet community, and I will get to spend great times with friends who I have met online.

Are you coming to BlogPaws? If so, come prepared to share a thought, an image, a quote, or some other idea that will become a part of a collaborative piece of art. it isn’t hard. All you need to do is write your thought on a small piece of paper and submit it to be included with the thoughts shared by others in YOUR community.

I can’t wait to create and share dialogs with you!