Sep 142010
BlogPaws West Mural

BZTAT with her "Hand to Hand, Paw to Paw" Mural BlogPaws West 2010

When you have an experience as great as BlogPaws West 2010, it is impossible to put into words. I will say a few, then let the pictures tell the story.

I arrived a day early to Denver so I could get things prepared for painting the mural. I had mailed my supplies to the hotel in advance, however, they ended up arriving 3 days late! Luckily, there was a wonderful art supply store nearby. I ended up purchasing all new materials.

The mural image consisted of a dog and cat superimposed on a large heart for the background. Since the theme was about celebrating the worldwide community of pet lovers, it seemed an appropriate image.

The dog was a portrait of Lorenza,  who was recently rescued and adopted in Canton, OH. The cat was a portrait of Mickey, whose human (a rescue volunteer) suddenly died recently, leaving her beloved pet without a home.

At the start of the conference, Mickey had no home. Conference attendees took up the charge for his plight, tweeting and retweeting for support.

When I arrived back home to Canton, I learned that Mickey had been adopted to a new loving family!

Creating the mural while interacting with some of the most interesting and inspiring people on earth was a treasure for me. I was deeply moved by the comments people wrote for the mural as well as the stories they shared during the process.

I thank Tom, Yvonne and Caroline, the BlogPaws founders, for allowing me to use their event as my studio for 3 wonderful days.

And I thank all the people who shared and contributed to the mural.

I will soon be receiving professional photographs of the mural, which I will share in this space. In the meantime, enjoy the slide show below to get a real taste of what BlogPaws was all about.

Would you like BZTAT to create a “Dialogues Mural” at your event? Read more here.

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  1. It was a great conference and the mural was both beautiful and inspirational!

  2. Thank you so much for honoring my sweet Mickey in your Mural. It was my birthday wish come true that he went to his home last week. As happy as i am for him and his new family i also miss him, he’s a special guy and will be a part of me always. And to have him be in your Mural .. its just wonderful. Thank you again!

    • it was an honor to feature such a beautiful animal in my mural. I am sooooooo happy he found a home! My wish is that all the other “Mickey’s” out there looking for homes will have the same good luck.

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