BlogPaws: Bringing Passions Together

Anyone who knows me knows that I have 3 passions: Art, pets, and pet charities.

At the HUGELY successful BlogPaws conference in Columbus, OH this past weekend, I got a chance to indulge all 3 passions.

First, I got to meet one of my FAVORITE Twitter pals, @CosmoHavenese (pictured with my commissioned portrait of another Twitter “anipal” sensation, @FrugalDougal).

Second, I was the coordinator of the PawsArt Exhibit and Silent Auction at BlogPaws, which featured artwork by some of the best animal artists in the country.

And third, I met with many people who are doing important work to support animal charities, including: Lynn Haigh, FrugalDougal’s staff and coordinator of the monthly PawPawty on Twitter;  Dr. V. of Pawcurious; Dorian Wagner of Your Daily Cute; Jane Harrell from Petfinder, and Caroline Golon, staff of RomeotheCat, and BlogPaws cofounder.

Lynn, Dr. V., Dorian and Jane put on this amazing presentation entitled, “Be the Change”, challenging each and every pet lover to do something in their own way to benefit animals in need.

The have started a “Be the Change” Challenge, in which I will participate, and will post about later this week. I hope that you will participate too.

Stay tuned! More about BlogPaws and “Be the Change” to come!

Life is an Adventure!